About Us

Meticulous Care

We believe great wines begin in the vineyard. That’s why we take great pains to follow many of the best winemaking practices established at renowned Burgundy houses almost 200 years ago.

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Centered high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Clos de la Tech vineyards lie deep in the heart of the famed 'Silicon Valley', the economic backbone of Northern California and technology epicenter of the United States. That's why winery owner T.J. Rodgers, Founding CEO of Cypress Semiconductor (now retired from Cypress), places one of his silicon chips on each bottle representing 'Tech' and the careful balance of the Old World and the New World.

All three of Clos de la Tech's proprietary vineyards are entities unto themselves, enclosed by natural barriers such as cliffs and forests or by walls made of stone pulled from the vineyard. To us, 'Clos' represents our respect for the old world traditions that underpin all we do.

In the quest to make the New World’s Best Pinot Noir, Clos de la Tech has experimented and studied a variety of old world and new world vine management techniques.

Authentic Cooperage

Sharing the same cooperage house as the world's best Burgundy producers, Clos de la Tech ages its wine in famed François Fréres French oak barrels from the Bertrange forest. 

Unlike its American or Hungarian counterparts, François Frères barrels impart a very understated, elegant oak flavor which allows us to age in new barrels for every harvest without over-oaking the wine.